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The culinary tradition of Thai Village Cuisine is a long and proud one.
The combination of the blending of herbs and exotic influences from the Oriental spices produces the most delectable taste in our dishes.
At Thai Village Restaurant we have captured and mastered this age old custom, creating food with a wide range of flavor,
using only the greenest greens and the freshest spices grown in Thailand in our original recipes.
Our management and staff here have been in the restaurant business for over 23 years. We are family (twin sisters) and employee-owned, having opened the first Thai restaurant in Batavia since 1999.


Our Location

  • 4 N Batavia Ave
  • Batavia, IL 60510
  • Phone: (630) 879-5495


Tel: (630) 879-5495


4 N Batavia Ave
Batavia, IL 60510